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Hand in hand, learn, laugh & play!





At Tiny Amigos Daycare we strive to provide safe play and fun experiences that enhance the development of your child. We encourage your child to explore and discover their world in a warm and nurturing environment.
We support physical development by encouraging movement activities and exercise, as well as proper nutrition and healthy daily care routine. We support social development by encouraging appropriate communication and develop opportunities to learn sharing, co-operating and to build social skills through positive role modelling.
At Tiny Amigos Daycare we believe in creating a positive environment for all people, both children and adults demonstrating respect for one another regardless of their culture, race, religion or gender. We want your child to flourish and grow in an environment that is clean,
safe and just as nurturing as home.
Here at Tiny Amigos Daycare we set high standards for trust, care and safety. Dependable and gentle care is provided by our team of loving caregivers who are educated professionals in a brand new recently built and renovated facility with the coziness of home.
Tiny Amigos Daycare is more like an extended family than an institution, providing the intellectual and physical stimulation neccessary to develop your childs potential. We insure that each child is respected, loved, valued and cared for.
At Tiny Amigos Daycare we see children as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious individuals whom we value buliding on their strengths and abilities.
Your child will learn in an environment that encourages interconnectivity and focuses on both cognitive and emotional development. We believe healthy development happens with positive relationships between children and the important people in their lives.
We strive to develop skills to support their success in learning, forming good relationships, solving problems and adapting to new situations. Developing skills such as self awareness, self control, the ability to work co-operatively with others and to be caring.
We view children as active participants in their own development and engage them in purposeful play by discovering, creating, improvising, and expanding their learning.
Tiny Amigos Daycare fostering relationships with love,
hand in hand, learn, laugh and play!

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Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 6:30am - 6:00pm


Before and After School Programs Available
Tiny Amigos Daycare has extended hours  
offering Before and After School Programs.
 Contact us for more information.

Loving and cozy environment just like home!

Security Systems
Tiny Amigos Daycare has cameras everywhere. 
Located in every room and outside in the playgrounds to ensure the highest standards in quality,
safety and care for our
children and staff.

Our goal is to provide nutritious lunches & snacks and promote healthy eating habits for our children. Our lunches and snacks are made fresh daily with the highest standards in nutrition and delicious.